Record Storage & Manufacturing

Air humidity content can affect the record storage and manufacturing depending on many factors, such as: length of the storage time, type of the films, type of image and their value.

An excess of humidity could damage the film and their base in both black and white or colour images. The film manufacturing process is also very demanding in air humidity conditions.

If this excess humidity is not treated, this can cause corrosion on metals and microbial damage on organic materials.

Depending on the record type, best conditions are varying between 15% and 50% Relative Humidity degree for preventing the important materials as much as you can.

It should be considered that the temperature is also very important in record storage and manufacturing.


Record storage & manufacturing is a tough process. Every part of this process has to be done carefully and clean.

In drying phase, normally, hot air is applied to the film for a period of time. Due to this application period, hot air can affect negatively the structure of record and can cause a smaller lifetime.

With Fisair dehumidification method, you can reduce this period in a considerable amount with no need of extremely hot air.


Recorded films must be protected carefully against the damage can be caused by the excess of humidity and temperature. In unprotected environment, films will be damaged and this damage is irreversible. This means it cannot be copied, played or printed anymore.

With proper treatment on humidity and temperature, you can save the records for the next generations.

General acceptance on humidity levels in film storages is below 30% Relative Humidity.

Advantages in manufacturing:

  • Shorter drying time
  • Increased production capacity

Advantages in storage:

  • Increased lifetime
  • Decreased damage effects on films
  • Energy saving against conventional air
  • conditioning system
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Stabilized air conditions inside

Among some references, the new centre of conservation and restoration of the Spanish film archive stands out in Madrid.

 For further information please ask experienced Fisair engineers for detailed information.

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