• Fisair DLL

    Fisair DLL

    What it is a DLL? Dynamic-link library containing code, data and resources. Software prepared from us for your selection software. What it is the Fisair DLL used for? To size and price by yourself the Fisair humidifier that you generate in your own product’s selection software. This combination will generate quotations to your sales, technical

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  • Electric cars arrive and Fisair is helping

    Electric cars arrive and Fisair is helping

    Fisair is committed to contributing its knowledge, experience and values to the sustainable development goals and to achieve the change of the energy model. In the car industry, several complex projects references support a novel, efficient solution that achieves extremely dry air conditions. Connect 360⁰ is the connection platform between Fisair engineering and the user

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  • Education


    Education in the knowledge of how water vapor behaves in the air is one of our values that we offer to our clients. To make it easier, Fisair is investing in training spaces that are comfortable for exposing ideas and operating equipment that modifies air conditions. Likewise, Fisair is preparing the training through an online

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  • US launch

    US launch

    It is with immense pleasure to introduce our company Fisair USA Corp to the US and Canadian Market. Fisair, with its roots in Madrid, Spain – is a World Class industry leader in the area of humidity control products.  Although we are new to this market, we are by no means new to the industry. 

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