• Fisair Electric Isothermal Humidifiers

    Fisair Electric Isothermal Humidifiers

    Fisair is known for its excellent clean steam systems as well as adiabatic systems with high efficiency and hygiene certificate. Now customers are also happy to receive the news of its range of electric isothermal humidifiers with steam dispersion systems showing extremely reduced absorption distances . The FST dimensioning software and its DLL already have

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  • In Memoriam

    In Memoriam

    Last Tuesday, January 12, the founder of our group, Juan Boeta Beraza, passed away. His great professional care with clients and suppliers, his love for the team of professionals together with his great human, positive and creative imprint will guide all of us who were lucky enough to know him during part of our lives.

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  • Hygiene since always

    Hygiene since always

    Delighted to share the news. We have just renewed the hygiene certificate according to a set of hygienic standards, including the VDI 6022 standard, for our HEF2E humidifiers or adiabatic coolers. The standard guarantees the following for our clients: • Its use does not pose a risk to the users of the building or maintenance

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  • Fisair DLL

    Fisair DLL

    What it is a DLL? Dynamic-link library containing code, data and resources. Software prepared from us for your selection software. What it is the Fisair DLL used for? To size and price by yourself the Fisair humidifier that you generate in your own product’s selection software. This combination will generate quotations to your sales, technical

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